Affiliate Program FAQ


When you sign up to be a brand partner with Amandine Jewelry, you will be given a custom promo code to share with your audience, giving them 20% off their order. This promo code is unique to you. Any time it is used by a customer, you earn 20% of the sale. 

For example, if someone places an order for a $100 bracelet using your promo code, they would get 20% off, and pay $80. You would earn 20% of the $80 sale, which is $16. 

Does Amandine provide jewelry for social media posts?

Yes. When you sign up for our affiliate program, we ask that you review our current products on our website and send us 6-10 styles that catch your eye. We will send you a product or two from your list that is available at that time which you can use to post original content on any social media channel, blog, email list, etc. 

Are there requirements on where or how often I post my promo code?

No, it is completely up to you how you want to share your promo code. You can post it as often as you'd like on any social channel for your audience or your own website, blog, or email list. We recommend that you sign up for our email newsletter so that you can share with your audience when we are having sales. Your audience will get an additional 20% off our sale prices using your promo code. They will love you for it!

You can sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page.

What is the timeframe? 

There is no due date or timeframe for posts. Posting is up to you. We recommend posting images and your promo code to your audience when you receive the initial jewelry. Next, we recommend that you keep track of sales and new products and collections, and posting those along with your promo code at your own chosen pace. We add new products every month so there is always something fresh.

Our terms are structured to include a due date, so when we write the contracts, we provide a 1 year initial term. This provides you plenty of flexibility of how and when you'd like to post. The contract and terms may be canceled at any time by you or Amandine. Commissions owed will be paid, and then the contract will end.

Can I use images from the Amandine Jewelry website or social accounts when sharing my promo code?

Yes, our affiliates have full permission to use product and lifestyle images from our website and social media accounts. You do not need to create your own fresh content to share your promo code.

Are influencers allowed to use their own promo codes for personal use?

Yes, and it's a win-win. You get 20% off the order using your code, then get a 20% commission on top of that.

How often are commissions paid?

Commissions are paid on the first of each month. Commissions of less than $20 are held and paid once the $20 threshold is reached. 

How do you track commissions?

We use two companies to track our affiliate program: Shopify and Aspire. Aspire will provide you with a dashboard so you can always see a snapshot of your sales generated and commission amounts. Whenever a person uses your promo code to make a purchase, it will be reflected in your dashboard within about an hour.